3 things Owners Can Do to Protect Buildings from Climate Change

An article written by Consigli lists three things that building owners can do to protect their assets.

  1. Identify the top three areas of vulnerability and related leves of risk.

  2. Consider temporary or permanent fencing system. A popular fence system, AquaFence, can provide effective protection against flood water infiltration

  3. Consult with designers and builders to create an action plan for closing the gaps between risk exposures and level of preparedness.

You can read the whole article here.

Shout out by a Harvard professor

In a recent article published by Propmodo, the Harvard professor John Macomber mentions AquaFence as solution to protection property.

“I don’t want to turn people off by being an alarmist. The sea is not coming up two meters tomorrow,” said Macomber. “Rather, I think that all portfolio managers should say, ‘let’s look at these sea rise probability ranges and the exceedance models, asset by asset. Maybe it is worth the money to move the generators to the second floor and buy AquaFence just in case — but I don’t think I’m going to sell the property.’”

Read the whole article here.