Water Diversion

AquaFence's patented Technology delivers a highly versatile solution for diverting and controlling waterways both above and underground. The solution enables engineered renovation, physical plant inspection and construction work.

AquaFence has delivered multiple, highly efficient projects in partnership with multinational engineering companies to deliver high profile projects. 

Standard panels

  • 1,2 m (4 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V1200)
  • 1,8 m (6 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V1800)
  • 2,1 m (7 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V2100)
  • 2,4 m (8 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V2400)


Corners Corner panels of 30°, 45, 60° and 90° allow for sharp turns from one direction to another. Special corner panels can be produced upon request to accommodate unique angular requirements.

  • V1200 Inside Corner 45 Degrees
  • V1200 Outside Corner 90 Degrees
  • V1800 Outside Corner 90 Degrees
  • V2100 Inside Corner 90 Degrees

Side closure

Side closure panels provide an effective tie-in to a fixed surface and a starting point for a string of panels in a barrier system. They can be used in multiple configurations and are fully removable after a flood event. Where architecturally necessary, side closers can be customized to the building surface.

Protective Shield

Protective Shield The AquaFence system is designed to withstand impact from moving debris. Damage to individual components may occur but without system failure. In order to minimize damage, some customers choose to purchase systems with installed protective shields.

Certification Testing Videos