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The FloodWall is an industry standard flood protection barrier designed for rapid deployment around the building or opening within hours of a pending flood event.

Globally, FloodWall protects more than $10 billion worth of real estate, production facilities, cities and public utilities. It has also received highest level third party certification.


Main features

The FloodWall is based on the patented AquaFence technology, whose differentiation includes using the strength of the flood water as a stabilizer. It is constructed of marine grade Baltic laminate, stainless steel, aluminium and reinforced PVC canvas. 
The engineering of the FloodWall provides flexibility to navigate around any obstacle. In addition, AquaFence can customize solutions ensuring a 100% unique solution for each client. 

The FloodWall performs effectively without the need for anchoring to the ground. In high-wind situations however, an anchoring system is included to add stability and enhanced performance.

A team of 12 people can install about 100 meters (328 feet) of FloodWall per hour. 


Packaging and Storage

FloodWall is packaged and stored in custom-designed stackable wooden crates (2,1m x 1,2m, 7ft x 4ft). The crates can be stacked in columns of 4 high. For example, a typical parking spot can hold 2 crates deep and 4 high, to provide 500 linear feet of 4 foot fence. After a deployment, the panels should be cleaned and dried for storage and future use.

FloodWall V1200

FloodWall V1200

Standard panels

  • 1,2 m (4 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V1200)

  • 1,8 m (6 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V1800)

  • 2,1 m (7 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V2100)

  • 2,4 m (8 ft) High Flood Barrier (Model V2400)

V1200 Outside corner 90 Degrees

V1200 Outside corner 90 Degrees


Corners Corner panels of 30°, 45, 60° and 90° allow for sharp turns from one direction to another. Special corner panels can be produced upon request to accommodate unique angular requirements.

  • V1200 Inside Corner 45 Degrees

  • V1200 Outside Corner 90 Degrees

  • V1800 Outside Corner 90 Degrees

  • V2100 Inside Corner 90 Degrees


Side closure

Side closure panels provide an effective tie-in to a fixed surface and a starting point for a string of panels in a barrier system. They can be used in multiple configurations and are fully removable after a flood event. Where architecturally necessary, side closures can be customized to the building surface.


Protective Shield

The Protective Shield is designed so the FloodWall can withstand impact from moving debris. Damage to individual components may occur but without system failure. In order to minimize damage, some customers choose to purchase systems with installed protective shields.

AquaFence anchors


FloodWall will work without the need for anchoring to the ground. In high-wind situations however, anchors will provide added stability and enhanced performance.

Certification Testing Videos