AquaFence solutions

The industry standard deployable flood barrier

The FEMA compliant solution

AquaFence system in four steps

Project Scope >

Customer provides basic information about the project. AquaFence then reviews the location, info on ground conditions etc. using satellite photos and research database. AquaFence will then present an indicated offer and project scope.
On site review/ Technical solution >

AquaFence will perform an extensive site review with its specialized team of flood engineers. AquaFence will then provide the customised technical solution.
Final technical drawing & Commercial offer >

After discussions with the customer AquaFence will present the final commercial offer including professional drawings of the solution, and if needed perform final adjustments.
Delivery, Deployment & Training >

With every delivery AquaFence, together with the customer will execute a full deployment of the system on site. This is to ensure the system is a 100% accurate. While deploying the system AquaFence will train and certify the customer team in using and deploying the AquaFence system.

Awarded highest level certification for flood protection barriers

Globally, AquaFence protects more than $10 billion worth of real estate, production facilities, cities and public utilities. 

AquaFence was awarded the highest level of ANSI Certification in 2013 after a year-long testing of the system by the US ARMY Corps of Engineers as well as parts testing and production review by FM Global.

Core portfolio features

AquaFence is a portable barrier constructed of marine-grade laminate panels. AquaFence is engineered with edge reinforcements, structural supports, and flexible membranes for maximum performance and design flexibility.

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Cost Effective & Reusable

Cost of initial deployment is comparable to sandbags, but AquaFence may be reused up to 60 times.

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Mobile & Easily Transported

The system is easily transported to the site in custom made crates.

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Unique Patented

The only flood protection system that becomes stronger with rising water.

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Rapid Deployment

A team of 12 people can install about 100 meters (328 feet) of AquaFence per hour.

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Environmentally Friendly & Low maintenance

Quickly and safely cleaned and removed after use.

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Flexible Solutions 

Standard and custom fit protections of any length or shape in heights up to 2,7m (9 feet).

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