AquaFence solutions

The industry standard deployable flood barrier

The FEMA compliant solution

Awarded highest level certification for flood protection barriers

Globally, AquaFence protects more than $10 billion worth of real estate, production facilities, cities and public utilities. 

AquaFence was awarded the highest level of ANSI Certification in 2013 after a year-long testing of the system by the US ARMY Corps of Engineers as well as parts testing and production review by FM Global.

Core portfolio features

AquaFence is a portable barrier constructed of marine-grade laminate panels. AquaFence is engineered with edge reinforcements, structural supports, and flexible membranes for maximum performance and design flexibility.

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Cost Effective & Reusable

Cost of initial deployment is comparable to sandbags, but AquaFence may be reused up to 60 times.

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Mobile & Easily Transported

The system is easily transported to the site in custom made crates.

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Unique Patented

The only flood protection system that becomes stronger with rising water.

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Rapid Deployment

A team of 12 people can install about 100 meters (328 feet) of AquaFence per hour.

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Environmentally Friendly & Low maintenance

Quickly and safely cleaned and removed after use.

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Flexible Solutions 

Standard and custom fit protections of any length or shape in heights up to 2,7m (9 feet).

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